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A Graphic Giggle

Posted by Dalene on Thursday, February 25, 2010,

A generation of talented graphic designers and artists have created many an image accepted and loved by society. It is a new generation of designers and artists who have come along with the same appreciation for art, however, they view this art with a satirical eye, seeing potential in every piece. The Pieter Dirk Uys and Zapiro of the graphic parody world!

No work of art, no matter ...

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Two people came out of a building and into a story

Posted by Dalene on Sunday, February 21, 2010,

Two people came out of a building. What a pair. A high-heeled middle aged woman in a tweed coat clicked down the stairs as a stout balding man scurried after her.

“Listen,” she snapped, “I told you, my mother left me this ring; I am the one keeping it safe until we find a buyer.”

She had no intention of entrusting him with the ring. The man who managed to lose keys, misplace readi...

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