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Public Service Announcements

Posted by Dalene on Sunday, May 2, 2010,

Creativity + Creating Awareness = Success?

I love the fact that people and organisations are using their creativity for a good cause. A good public service announcement gets your attention. But then what? So they managed to get your attention, but what are going to do with it? A good public service announcement isn't a great public service announcement.

Rape. Child Abuse. Lung Cancer. O...

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Designer Public Relations. The Perfect Fit for Every Company.

Posted by Dalene on Monday, February 15, 2010,

What is ‘designer public relations’? The phrase has not officially been coined as of yet, however, I intend to have a hand in contributing to its meaning. You get designer handbags, designer shoes, designer jewellery, so why should public relations be any different?

Usually when something is ‘designer’ it has its very own brand name so that people can differentiate between their ...

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