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It Wasn't Me!

Posted by Dalene on Monday, November 8, 2010,

Next time you’re tempted to tell a little white lie, just remember that there is always a trail of evidence leading to the big hand of truth pointing its big fat finger at you.

Mom: “Dalene, who ate the last cookie and didn’t refill the jar?”

alene: “Erm, I dunno hey! I think it must’ve been Drew” (note the famous ‘blame it on the sibling technique’ – usually quite effective).

Mom: “Oh, okay, I see. Well, once you’ve brushed the crumbs off your jersey, will you go call h...

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Bitch Please!

Posted by Dalene on Thursday, March 11, 2010,

Pet fashion has just sky rocketed in the past few years! Paris Hilton went public with her latest, breathing fashion accessory… Tinkerbell, her Chihuahua pooch who is significantly smaller than any handbag Paris has ever owned!

Dog owners around the world enthusiastically bling out their furry friends with everything from feathers to diamonds! Can anyone say crazy? I’m all for dres...

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