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How to look adorable: The Panda Guide

Posted by Dalene on Monday, November 8, 2010,
Step 1:  Be conceived.

Step 2: Be given birth to.

Step 3: Look like hairy, male genitalia for the first week.

Step 4: 7 days old - Grow a tiny bit bigger and develop black patches of skin in random places.

Step 5:  13 days old - Fuzz up a little and sprout black hair to match skin tone. Start to look a little cute.

Step 6:  17 days old - BAM! You're adorable!

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It Wasn't Me!

Posted by Dalene on Monday, November 8, 2010,

Next time you’re tempted to tell a little white lie, just remember that there is always a trail of evidence leading to the big hand of truth pointing its big fat finger at you.

Mom: “Dalene, who ate the last cookie and didn’t refill the jar?”

alene: “Erm, I dunno hey! I think it must’ve been Drew” (note the famous ‘blame it on the sibling technique’ – usually quite effective).

Mom: “Oh, okay, I see. Well, once you’ve brushed the crumbs off your jersey, will you go call h...

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