For the world of fashion, rock, and gaming, the consecutive colours green, red, yellow, blue and orange will never be seen in the same way again! Rock Band has taken the world by storm with its smooth ability to make any Tom, Dick and Harry feel like a Tony (Royster), Cher, and Jimmy (Hendrix) in the comfort of their own home.

Rocker tees always make a statment, so when you’re getting your rock on with your top on, what brand best suits you? Here are a few totally awesome prints worthy of some groupie love!

Emo Rocker Style

Above: from Little Black Cherry

Extrovert Rocker Style

Above: from Iron Fist

Funny Rocker Style

Above: from Tshirt Bordello

Passion Rocker Style

Above: from The Rally Shack

If you're clueless about fashion and your idea of rock brings up an automatic response of “paper, scissors, lizzard, spock”, then take my advice; you can't go wrong with something from Iron Fist or Little Black Cherry. Awesome brands that'll will give you Star Power you’d never get from a guitar tilt.

Peace out fellow rockers! Wah-Wah Whammy!