If I were stranded on an island alone, what three inanimate objects would I opt to have at my disposal?

After wandering around the island aimlessly for about an hour trying to figure out how the hell I got there in the first place, I’d probably find a comfy patch of soft sand to ponder on before ordering my three objects from the magical genie lamp.

I would probably try my luck and summon my Mommy to the island with me, but the whole inanimate object thing would prove the request useless.

My first object would be an ‘Outdoor Survival Guide’. What better way to remain sane on an island than with a little bit of essential information. Plus it means that I might actually get around to using the other two objects I decide to conjure to the island with me.

My second object would be a Leatherman. Have you ever seen one of those things? It’s a high quality multi-tool. When I say multi tool, I mean multi-multi-tool, it has just about everything on it including a knife, pliers and even a saw! Indiana Jones had one, McGuyver had one; even Chuck Norris has one! If you get it online it comes with a user guide. Genie, I’ll have one in pink please. Thanks.

Object number three. This is where it gets tricky. How about a radio? Wait, no reception. How about a blanket? Nope, you can make one out of leaves. Sunblock? It’ll just get used up. Sigh.

At times like these I’m glad that just about every teacher I’ve ever had has drummed Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into my head. In order to meet my most fundamental needs I would take along the seemingly vainest of objects. A mirror.

Not that it would matter if I ever had something stuck in my teeth, but I would be able to break a piece of the mirror off and use it as a weapon, satisfying my need for safety and security. Friendship and socialising is another basic human need. Tom Hanks had Wilson in Cast Away and I would have my own reflection to keep me company. The final need it would cater for is that of esteem. Lets face it; stranded on an island means no more McDonalds or KFC. Fruit and berries + mirror = thinner DaleneHappy Dalene.

There they are, the three objects I would take on an island with me in this highly unlikely event. Luckily I’m not stranded on an island, so I’m going to go and give my Mommy a hug, make a cup of hot chocolate and climb into bed reading Autumn Alley. Life is good.