Any Disney fan would know that Pocahontas seems to know what the colour of the wind is. However, for those of us that aren’t moving 2D images, we have don’t see wind as having colour, unless you’re under the influence of narcotics.

Ask someone taking the ‘dye’ drug what colour they are and they’ll tell you that they are blue. Ask someone taking LSD what colour their submarine is and they’ll tell you that it’s yellow. Ask someone puffing on a joint what colour the wind is and they’ll laugh at you.

Unless you live within a community as closely tied together as that in Pocahontas, society won’t be able to tell you what the colour of the wind is. Living in Pocahontas’ world however would mean that the wind would have a function, a voice, a personality… even a colour. But unfortunately we live in a 3D world where we are grossly separated from our surrounds in comparison to that of the Disney princess.

So what is the solution? How do we get to know the wind and find out what colour she is? In this century, an army of rebelling youth have found their way; a damaging way; a selfish way; a way where dye, LSD and weed are the gateway.

I remember being a little girl, running around with a long black skirt on my head pretending that I was Pocahontas, but that’s where it ends. Being Dalene I’m more than happy to say that I don’t know and never will know what the colour of the wind is.