Someone must've slotted their dirty little flash drive into my USB port and left a lovely steamy deposit of piranha style virus on my PC.

Needless to say, a week later my computer was beaching itself like a sad whale giving up for no apparent reason.

My bro, being the doctor of everything that opens and shuts, beeps and clicks, took a look at my sick computer.

Drew: "Why did you turn your anti-virus off?".

Me:  "What? I didn't touch the anti-virus thingy. I wouldn't even know where to find it if I did want to turn it off!"

So after much pondering I have come to the conclusion that, in a round-about way, the software I have installed is doing the damage. I'm the proud owner of Adobe's Creative Suite 4, their Adobe Acrobat Suite, their 'this' and their 'that'. As awesome as their software is, it comes with the most annoying updates! Don't the developers working at Adobe have a social life? Seriously? Almost every second day there is a pop-up asking me if I'd like to update, add on a new feature, take a special trial, allow permission for this or that to happen. 

I blame YOU Adobe! Your incessant pop-ups have desensitised me to what my computer is asking me! Who knows what I've agreed to because I'm so used to clicking 'OKAY' for your pop ups.

Would you like to turn off your anti-virus software? "OKAY"

Would you like our latest data munching virus? "OKAY"

Would you like all your personal information to be displayed on the interwebz? "OKAY"

Do you mind if I use your credit card information to buy goods illegally online? "OKAY"

I declare WAR! War against the pop-ups! I call a ban on desensitisation! I'll read every word, understand every term and condition, Google every suspicious looking name, phone a friend to confirm the validity of requests!

*ponder* *ponder* Erm... mmm... you know what, a little format every six months doesn't actually sound like bad idea...