"Maybe you’re impressing your investors. Maybe you’re impressing Wall Street. You’re not impressing us." - No. 69 The Cluetrain Manifesto thesis.

An organisation’s first priority? The bottom line. The more investors they get, the more money they make. It's pure greed.

They are ignoring the market by only aiming to impress investors. One message, one mission, one tactic.

We turn on the TV and read the newspaper only to get bombarded by messages organisations want us to absorb. Think again. Those TV advertisements and press releases aren’t for us - ‘the market’. They’re there to boost the organisation's reputation to current and potential investors. They're there to put a smile on their faces: “Well done!... You made the right choice!.. Now invest some more…”

Wall Street. Home to the New York Stock Exchange. $Kaching$. Investors boost stock market performance and feed that nice FAT bottom line, but what about the triple bottom line? We know that they've got the 'Profit' section covered. What about the 'People'? What about the 'Planet'?

Look at the big picture. To achieve a lasting, successful brand, triple bottom line congruence is crucial. Right?

So what would impress consumers? Consumers want top notch products and services … not big sales figures and boring share prices. They’ll take down to earth over an annual report any day. Companies need to realise that if consumers are happy, then consumers become investors. Win-win situation.

Market. Consumer. You.

You should be every organisations first priority.