I’m a surfer. Not in the conventional sense however. I surf in my tracksuit pants and Springleap t-shirt, not my wetsuit. I run a browser, not the length of a beach. I enjoy carpet under my toes, not sand. I’m the internet surfer. If you’re reading this blog post then you’re an internet surfer too. Awe’ bru.

There is nothing better going online for one thing and realising hours later that you’ve viewed profiles, watched videos, caught up on news; you now know who is dating who and who just got a new puppy, you know what the latest fashion trends are and what is happening in celeb-ville. The internet is such an amazing space to be in… to get lost in.

On my latest net surf I came across so many random things and this is my platform for sharing so you’re in luck! My link exploration condensed into one blog post. Check out the random shizzle I encountered!

Chat Roulette Piano Improvisation
Ten Reasons To Avoid Talking on the Phone
The Russian ‘Rick Roll’ – Trololololololololololo
Piano Stairs
Amazing Child Musician
Hannah Min Tanna

Oh the joys of social media! Ranting, watching, connecting, learning…laughing. What a fun way to express individuality. Surfs up guys - enjoy!