Creativity + Creating Awareness = Success?

I love the fact that people and organisations are using their creativity for a good cause. A good public service announcement gets your attention. But then what? So they managed to get your attention, but what are going to do with it? A good public service announcement isn't a great public service announcement.

Rape. Child Abuse. Lung Cancer. Obesity. Autism. Leprosy. Human Trafficking.

I just rattled those off the top of my head. I’m sure you could to. But what are we doing to make the situation better? A good public service announcement should always have a call to action.

We’ve seen the advertisement, it's tugged at our heart strings, now use the opportunity to make things better.

Here are some of the best public service announcements I have seen. All they need is a little action and the world would see a lot of change.

Creativity + Creating Awareness + Call To Action = Success!


Drinking and Driving

Smoking Causes Cancer

Children's Rights