Have you photo-bombed someone today? I have! It’s a game of give and take. One day you’re the bomber, the next day you get bombed. The Middle East would sooner achieve world peace by using this version of the bombing game. Death by laughter. Take it! Feel my wrath!

There are two main styles of photo-bombing. Neither style more awesome than the other. Intentional and unintentional bombing are what make up the world of priceless moment-in-time shots, begging the question: “What’s that in the background”?

The intentional photo-bomb:- Magic happens when one smart-ass decides to get in on the Kodak moment; the smiling faces in the frame ignorant to the bomb. Bam – you’ve just been photo bombed.

The unintentional photo-bomb:- Main subjects in the photo are robbed of the spotlight by an unsuspecting third party doing something random in the background. The best part? The third party is completely unaware that they are making the photo hilarious.

My Photo-bomb War


Me bombing my friends:

Me being bombed by a random:

Intentional Photo-bomb

Unintentional Photo-bomb





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