After running an errand, don’t you hate coming back to your car to find that where you chose to park, a gaggle of very annoying, super lazy promotions company employees has plastered your car with an array of flyers promoting parties you won’t go to and muti recipies you aren’t going to try?


As if it’s not enough that we get bombarded with penis enlarger email spam and sms’s from our cellphone network provider’s marketing team. Spam has gone ‘mobile’.


It’s no use having a problem and not venturing a solution to accompany it. Therefore I propose that those promotion lice wade between the cars, waiting, watching for a human being to approach with their flyer in hand, instead of impersonally lifting the person’s windscreen wiper and leaving their A5 piece of trash behind.


My tendency to draw up lists is acting up again so below I’ve listed a few possible pro’s for my newly proposed idea.


1.  Reduced litter

2.  Less pissed off people

3.  Promo guy might get a R2 for watching the person’s car


In all fairness, you little promo bastards, we realise that there are worse things we could come back to our car and find.


Dude, where's my car?

Horse power?

Bird crap shower!

Parking ticket - doh!