Innocent people get hurt. Millions of people are emotionally scarred, millions of eyeballs will never be the same again. Images of terror burned into the subconscious of many an unsuspecting bystander.

See the truth for what it is. Stop lying to yourself. It - just - doesn’t - FIT - you.

For yonks, the efforts of women’s magazines and even dedicated television channels (The Style Network) have been giving advice on what NOT to wear. Clearly the people weren’t paying any attention.

1. The Camel Toe. Pack that away.

2. The Whale Tail. That’s not your average ‘Mom jean’.

3. The muffin top. Muffin top lady: “I still fit into the jeans I used to wear in High School” Dalene: “Erm…no you don’t” *crick* *crick*.

 4. The fanny flap. Admit it, that’s a belt, not a skirt.

5. The little skirt. Those cheeks of hers are going to see some action alright. My foot giving them a swift kick. Bitch please.

6. The short shorts. WTF? Do you own a mirror?

7. The teeny weeny bikini. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I think we can safely conclude that it’s a poor idea to lie to yourself. You think you look hot. We think you look like an idiot. Ignorance is bliss.