Honesty is one thing that will never be over rated. We all know at least one guy who is always ready with the tallest stories. You nod, smile and secretly think – What an idiot. If you hope to get even a shred of respect from people, it is better to practice a little honesty than talk a lot of bollocks.

We’re made in a pretty awesome way. We have these built in lie detectors. Like the one’s that mothers have, only a little smaller. These lie detectors have the ability to smell bullshit from a mile away. So why do people still lie?

Some people lie to make themselves seem cooler. “I lifted this guy up with, like, my pinkie… and it was, like, awesome!” – What an idiot.

Some people lie to get out of trouble. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” – What an idiot.

Some people lie because they feel inadequate. “I have the biggest…” – What an idiot.

There is, however, a difference between flat our lying and twisting the truth. The result is the same, it’s just the beginning part that gets a little fuzzy when the person is recalling the situation to a room full of people. Here are some ‘twisting the truth’ examples:

The Guy Who Killed a Spider:

Lie: “I just killed the biggest spider ever!”

The Truth: “A tiny spider crawled over my hand, I screamed, wet myself, and in a panic accidentally whacked my hand against the wall killing the defenceless spidey-kins.”

The Dude Who Hooked-up Last Night:

Lie: “I hooked up with the hottest girl last night!”

The Truth: “I was drunk, she was drunk, it was dark.”

The Fella Who Punched Someone:

Lie: “He ran into my fist.”

The Truth: “He tuned my Mom, so I served him a knuckle sandwich. BAM!”

So to all the dirty little liars out there: Beware! ... because the truth always comes out. Always.