For many women, hearing Respect by Aretha Franklin means foot tapping or animated singing into a hairbrush. For others, however, it’s a corner stone of what they stand for: equality among men and woman.

Marriage is alone a feminist issue, I mean, how fair is it that based on the values of Polygamy men get to take more than one wife. But hold on a minute, what is it called when a woman takes on many husbands? It’s called ‘unheard of’, that’s what. Where is the equality in that? After all, that is what feminists have been striving for since the days of burning the bra… equality.

The feminist journey thus far means seeing women changing the light bulbs while the men are out foraging for berries. However, to feminist dismay, a culture like Polygamy seems to still be thriving, giving wife number two, three and four baby-making roles while wifey number one gets the majority of the husband’s affection. Feminist violation no. 134.

The issue of freedom of choice always manages to wiggle its way into the Polygamy-as-a-feminist-issue debate. The thing is that many of these women have grown up with the Polygamy culture, their mother was subject to it as was their grandmother. They just don’t know a life any different from the one their fore fathers have lead and respected.

Change is unwelcome in many cultures and seeing as women are not permitted to enjoy multiple husbands as of yet, we see that Polygamy is a culture worthy of being on the feminist hit list.

Until women have the right to marry as many studs as they please, Polygamy will be a feminist issue. Period.