I know what I would like to say. I know what you’d like to hear. I know that everyone’s inner child comes knocking when this question is posed. I want to say that if I was boss, I’d install free gumball machines around the office, and the common room would have a Nintendo Wii installed. I’d love to say that daily I would call random employees into my office to give them a cookie and enjoy a game of miniature golf. The thing is, I’m not that girl.

I’m a bitch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for chocolate chip and employee encouragement, but when it comes to thinking of myself as the boss of a high powered company, its out with the sugar and in with the iron fist.

  • No excuses

  • No tardiness

  • No spelling errors

  • No emotional breakdowns

  • No missing deadlines

  • … and no excuses, oh wait, I already said that.
Sounds terrible right? That’s why I’m still a student learning about management practice and emotional intelligence; so that the world doesn’t get one more of those tight arsed bosses that never give you a break.

However, you have to feel sorry for me though, because right now, I’m my own boss.