What are the odds of fish actually falling from the sky?. The chances of a pig flying? A cow jumping over the moon? Yeah, I thought so. Largely Impossible.

How sad. Our society is one that doesn’t believe that ANYTHING EVERYTHING is possible. If someone told you that a cow jumped over the moon you’d chalk it up to a gullibility prank. What you wouldn’t do is flash a grimace of resentment and congratulate the bloke who discovered how to do it before you did. We’re not wired like that.

The majority of our society lives safe lives, leaving greatness up to rocket scientists and child prodigies with ADHD. We stay in the safety of our logic bubble, do our best and strive to reach our limit of awesomeness. Our limit. We have a limit. Damn, there it is again.

We need to be more open minded, view the world as a matrix; adaptable, changeable, accommodating. We need to wake up from our bubble-trance, remove the pin from our pocket and burst our way into a dimension where we can create a reality far beyond what the inside-the-box-thinkers could ever perceive.

This is my plea. Take off the blinkers, throw away the security blanket and unlock your shackled mind. Watch TV upside down, read a book from back to front, loosen up and let your inner canvas take you to a place where fish fall from the sky.