Surely it’s the parent’s job to make sure that their homes are healthy and their children are well fed. ‘Well fed’ doesn’t mean breakfast, lunch and supper… three times a day. It means three well balanced meals throughout the day. The only balancing many overweight families know is that of their plate on their supersized  tummies while operating an Xbox controller. Health fail: BIG time!

Dietician Juliette Kellow, suggests the following diet for children’s packed lunches:

Good breads to use are: wholegrain or wholemeal bread, ciabatta, mini baguettes, bagels and raisin or sun dried tomato bread.

Pasta or rice salads are better than packing sandwiches, so you should try to mix it up every so often. Try and stick to low-fat fillings like lean ham, turkey, chicken, tuna, cottage cheese, Edam or banana for putting on sandwiches and go easy on the butter, mayo and spreads.

Add two portions of fruit to any lunch box and instead of cakes, biscuits and chocolate, opt for scones, fruit bread or low-sugar cereal bars.

This is my plea: Parents, love your children enough to feed them healthy food. Fat kids may be harder to kidnap, but they stand little chance at successfully running away from bullies.