After an exhausting day of, well, just about everything, there is always one sweet sanctuary you turn to. Sleep glorious sleep. There are few things better than finding that perfect position conducive to heavenly sleep. Wrapped up, snug in your blankie, your head pressed in the perfect position on your pillow: ready for your bed to swallow you whole as you drift into dreamland.

What feels like minutes later, you wake to a shrieking alarm bugging you to leave your womb of synthetics.

Here's what one of those days in Daleneville looks like:

Although most of the time we retire in hope of being greeted by a warm bed of Utopia, there are the occasions when situation calls for us to sleep somewhere other than our beds. Couches, camping mattresses, floors, tables (don’t ask), places which prove to be less than comfortable.

I’m the kind of girl that can sleep anywhere. I could sleep standing if I had to! I came across others who share my lack of pickiness when it comes to getting their shut eye.

*Life lesson alert*

Here's my theory. All you need is wonderful dreams. You'll then realise that your immediate position isn’t what is important… it’s your desired destination that is. Make the most of your position in life and dream big.

Happy dreaming everyone!