What is ‘designer public relations’? The phrase has not officially been coined as of yet, however, I intend to have a hand in contributing to its meaning. You get designer handbags, designer shoes, designer jewellery, so why should public relations be any different?

Usually when something is ‘designer’ it has its very own brand name so that people can differentiate between their product and those of lesser quality and standard. Gucci. Chanel. Nike. All designer brands.

If public relations were the wheel, designer public relations would be the tyre.

The corporate world needs a little bit of a stir with the introduction of a new standard. Designer services. The global recession is still hovering over us and what better way to give companies a competitive edge by being able to offer their clients a public relations service which is of a quality and standard above all others.

Your average public relations consultancy would execute all the normal communication and management functions. Media liaison, research, communication planning blah blah blah snore. But a designer public relations consultancy would offer their client a service unlike any other. Off-the-wall. Daring. Innovative. Out-of-the-box. Closer to your target market than ever before. You get the picture.

Before a public relations consultancy decides to go ‘designer’ it needs to make sure that it has the right kind of employees. After all, what will determine the success of the quality of work will be the creative, think-tank employees of the consultancy.

In order for this new level of public relations to be kicked into action and recognised world wide, the first place to start would be with PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa).  Unless PRISA presents the title of ‘Designer Public Relations Organisation’, the consultancy simply wouldn’t be recognised as one.

It’s about time the public relations bar was raised and designer public relations is the way to do it.