Over the past two decades, a desktop computer, the internet, social media and cellphones have weaseled their way into our everyday lives. Nine to five no longer consists of rustling papers around one’s desk, tapping away on a calculator and doodling when ‘bored’ *cough* procrastination *cough*.

Long lunches are now spent at desks, noses smudging the computer screen while scanning Facebook News Feeds.

Technology. Our daily functioning is affected by it. The way we plan, communication and organise has changed because of new technologies. Even the way we speak has changed! From the prissy 1800’s dialogue to the cool 1990’s lingo, language has evolved. There is a natural pace of language evolution; change which is to be expected and embraced.

Years ago, acquaintances addressed each other curtly : “Top of the morning to you Madam”, whereas nowadays it’s no shock to receive a “Wassup Biatch” from a familiar face.

LOL here, OMG there. I <3 PR (love public relations), I h8 broccoli (I hate broccoli), I lyk 8-) (I like sunglasses). We are in a creative communication phase. Social media and online communication have breathed life into ‘leet speak’ (an alternative to the normal English alphabet).

As much as I enjoy the energy leet speak brings to an online conversation, I sincerely hope that a new generation of communicators don’t let the leet speak lingo bulldozer over the beautifully traditional English language we know, and Oxford Dictionaries make their money from.

The technological trend has reached every corner of our existence. I just feel sorry for the children of new-age parents: