Pet fashion has just sky rocketed in the past few years! Paris Hilton went public with her latest, breathing fashion accessory… Tinkerbell, her Chihuahua pooch who is significantly smaller than any handbag Paris has ever owned!

Dog owners around the world enthusiastically bling out their furry friends with everything from feathers to diamonds! Can anyone say crazy? I’m all for dressing up dolls, and your little brother, but your dog?

There used to be nothing more awesome than walking down the road, feeling like a total goddess in your latest threads. That was until apparel came with a heartbeat! Let’s face it, what’s cuter than a warm little fluffy canine giving you puppy eyes?... A warm fluffy canine giving you puppy eyes… in a jersey… right? *cough* ridiculous *cough*.

Animals have managed to wiggle their way into the fashion industry and are more of a valued accessory today than the Gucci handbag has ever been. Downside is that your prized Gucci is now replaced with an unpredictable pooping machine. Happy wearing suckers!

Check out the Little Pampered Pets website to see the latest in fashion erm…innovation? Bitch Please!

What do you think about dressing your pooch up?