Everyday there's a new company trying to convince a group of people that they need something that they've done quite well so far without.

How on earth are you supposed to choose from such an enormous range of washing powders which are only playing with a 10 to 50 cents competitive mark? I would love to see every company getting creative, being a little daring, pushing the envelope, exploring the reactions of the public and watching society blossom into a creative mess of free-flow edgeyness!

As in every field, there are the best, the worst and the just plain WRONG! Check these out:

The Good:

Printed Paper Bags:

The Bad:

Dude, when I look at this advert I imagine some Hillbilly dropping my burger in the sand before serving it to me. WTF.

The Ugly:

"Some things even we can't get out of your head"

You're laughing because you're a bad person. True Story. LOL.