A generation of talented graphic designers and artists have created many an image accepted and loved by society. It is a new generation of designers and artists who have come along with the same appreciation for art, however, they view this art with a satirical eye, seeing potential in every piece. The Pieter Dirk Uys and Zapiro of the graphic parody world!

No work of art, no matter how old or sacred is safe from being altered and poked fun at. That’s great!

In theory a parody is a mocking of something, which should make it a negative thing, right? Wrong! For someone to take their time to alter your original artwork idea for comical effect is a compliment towards your work. It’s admitting that they think that your creation is significant enough for people to appreciate an alternate view of it.

Graphic designer WolFox created the Simpsons parody eSempowenis which has proved to be one of the most sought after Springleap.com T-shirt designs. I think that more artists should put on a pair of parody goggles, get designing and share their efforts with the world!

Below are a few creations that caught my eye. What is the best graphic parody that you have seen?


Twilight Parody

Girl with the Pearl Earring

Girl with the Pearl Earring Parody

Scream by Munch

Scream by Munch Parody

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Parody